Why do we Fundraise?

Why do we fundraise?

Fundraising is of vital importance to Saint Hilarion as it enables us to offer better facilities and provide a higher quality of service to our care recipients, therefore ensuring each person is given every opportunity to enjoy their experience with us.

The first stage completion of the House of Saint Hilarion development at Seaton, costing $30 million, was financed through multiple sources, including bank debt and fundraising contributions. By the time we completed this first phase in 2010, providing 122 beds, over $2 million had been secured through fundraising.

In addition to contributing to our Stage 1 development, fundraising enables us to purchase new health and medical equipment for the benefit of care recipients and staff at Fulham and Seaton.

Today, our fundraising efforts are focused in the following main areas:

  • Corporate partnerships and sponsorships, including our member based STAR CLUB Corporate Networking Group.
  • Major fundraising events.
  • Donations, including wills and bequests.
  • Activities undertaken by various volunteer committees - in particular our Ladies Committee.

In addition to raising much needed funds, we look at fundraising as a great way to extend our community involvement, by connecting with local businesses and their staff, and by providing volunteers of all ages the opportunity to work with others for an important cause, while having fun and meeting new friends and developing business and social networks.

If you would like to find out further information, please call Saint Hilarion on 8409 1500 or email admin@sainthilarion.asn.au.

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